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Hotel & Schedule

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hotel information

For our In Person Festival - Nov 2nd thru 5th, 2023 - we will be working with

We are working with the Hotel Indigo Baltimore for our  Opening Reception, Screenings, Panels and our Brunch on Sunday morning.  We will have our awards ceremony and After Party at the Bayside Cantina on Saturday Night.  Hotel Indigo will be our Home base.  


They are offering our filmmakers $154.00 per night.  To get this discount - mention Block BNMW or the Baltimore Next Media Web Fest when making the reservation.  The reservations number is 855-914-1370  

Hotel Indigo in Baltimore

Festival schedule

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Thursday- Nov 2nd, 2023
4pm - 6:30pm:  our Opening Reception in the Library and Restaurant of Hotel Indigo- Baltimore.

7pm - 8:20pm:   Screening & Panel  - Francis Scott Key room at the Hotel Indigo. 

Filipino Films by Francis Manuel Abbey

* The Secret Family

The misadventures continue when Pedro is caught sneaking around.

* Pinoy Noir

Follow the adventures of Filipino-American Detective Conanan in these classic noir episodes.

* The Houseguest & A Very Merry Mahusay

This Filipino-American comedy follows the Mahusay family when a case of mistaken identity brings about ongoing misadventures.




Friday- Nov 3rd, 2023

9am - Friday Morning - Audio Adventures 1 

  • The Valkyrie Cycle

  • Forever and a Day

  • Party of One

  • The Slightly Sleazy Speakeasy

  • The Rapscallion Agency

BREAK   - 11:15am

11:45am:   Audio Adventures 2

  • Liars and Leeches

  • Better Men Elsewhere

  • A Very Muckey Christmas Parade

  • Dice Town Theatre

  • Somebody Killed Mom

1pm - Thrilling Thriller:

  • Illuminagents

  • Night Voices

  • Two Chairs

  • #Vanlife (Emotional)

3pm - 4:20: Marketing and Branding Panel

6pm - Friday Evening Programs  1: Comedy / Drama / Reality

  • Imposter   

  • Cardboard Titanics  

  • 2 FYE Music Video  

  • Summer Eclipse

  • Insignificant  

  • Absolved  

  • Hurt - The Series

8:15 - Friday Evening Programs 2: Horror  

  • Fire 

  • The Hand that Feeds

  • The Man with the Midas Touch  

  • Scratched  

  • Demon Doctor  

9:30pm  - Karaoke Anyone?  Let's grab drinks and chill!  Location TBD


day 3 -Saturday Nov 4th

Saturday Nov 4th, 2023

Screenings / Creator Interviews in the Francis Scott Key Room on the top floor of Hotel Indigo - Baltimore

9am: Doors Open

9:30am Block: Saturday Morning Scare

  • Ebb & Flo

  • Assisted Suicide

  • You're It

  • Blood Work

  • Walk-In

  • Herrings



11am Block:  Friend Draft & The Grounders

  • Friend Draft

  • The Grounders

12:30pm Block: Wicked Comedy 

  • Bogan Moths

  • Block Watch

  • Wicked Image

  • Romp

  • Hot Angry Mom

2:30pm Dramedy Pilot Screenings:

  • Less Than Kosher Trailer

  • The High Life

  • The Great Tit is a Bird - Trailer

  • Paralysis

  • 3 Blind Mice

State of the Industry Panel with VIP Special Guests.


6pm - Meet in lobby of Hotel Indigo - Baltimore to hop on the VIP Party Bus!!

6:30 - We'll arrive at Bayside Cantina

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7:30pm - Performances:  Lil JJ will perform for us, and then Parijita Bastola will perform for us right before our Awards Presentation!

Parijita was on Team John Legend during the 22nd Season of The Voice and she can also be seen in the upcoming web series - Rosemary Street!! 

8pm - Awards Presentation

Red Carpet Fun!!  Enjoy the Bayside Cantina and Mingle!!

Between 11pm -11:30pm - Back on Bus  and back to Hotel Indigo.  

day 4 -sunday - Nov 5th

Sunday- Nov 5th, 2023

9am: Doors Open

9:30 - Feature 1

  • Slightly New - Feature

11am - 1pm: Filmmaker's Brunch

12noon - Women's Empowerment Panel

  • Panelists Listed Shortly

1pm - Feature 2

  • Loren & Rose - Feature Starring Jacqueline Bisset and Kelly Blatz

Rose is a legendary actress trying to revive her career. Loren is a promising filmmaker. Over the course of their many encounters, a deep friendship evolves as their love of art, understanding of grief, and faith in life’s potential guide them through personal and creative transformations. Jacqueline Bisset and Kelly Blatz star with a chemistry that is at once authentic and intoxicating.

3pm - Closing Presentation: 


  • Rosemary Street Web Series - Eps 1 & 2

4pm - Closing Party at Last Call - Mount Vernon Market Place

(2 blocks from hotel - walking distance)




PARKING:  For those coming to our festival but not staying in the hotel - there is a parking lot across the hotel for $13.00 per day or $5.00 on Friday and Saturday Evenings.  It is Directly across the hotel - so very convenient.  There is also street parking. 

VIRTUAL FESTIVAL:   Screenings will be open from Nov 2nd thru Nov 10th on our Virtual Venue here:

Please spread the word and watch them!  Virtual Screenings are Free.  

Virtual Panels will be announced Shortly! 


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