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2022 - BNM Webfest Winners:


Special Awards:


Michael Ajakwe Jr. Award - Neem Basha of Girl Dad

Michael K. Williams Award - Tyler Jennings and Jon Kemmerer of Command Pilot

Theresa Labreglio Award - Laura Dowling Shea, Jessica Sherr and Jessica Green of Scratch This The Series 

Cecil B Demented Award (John Waters) - Joshua R. Pangborn of Skeleton Crew

LGBTQ+ Award Winners:

  • Sloppy Jones - Series 

  • No Place Like Home - Pilot

  • Whale Fall - Short Film 


Best Pandemic Short Film 

  • aLONE (animation)

  • Scrambled (Zoom)


Best Pandemic Series

  • Critically Ashamed


Best Mobile (Vertical) Series - Mars Mission


Best Social Media (TikTok) Series

  • Minimally Invasive Procedure


Best Youtube Channel  - Enchufe.TV


Best Trailer - Sleep With Me


BNM Web Fest 2022 - Winners

Thriller / Mystery / Sci Fi / Fantasy / Horror

Best Thriller - Arthur Season 2

Best Director of Thriller / Mystery - Nick Rusconi - Arthur Season 2


Best Writers of Thriller / Mystery - Theresa Labreglio and Melissa Malone - Kith and Kin


Best Fantasy - Mortal Glitch 

Best Sci fi - Mars Mission

Best Director of Sci fi / Fantasy / Horror - Christian Moya - Mortal Glitch


Best Writers of Sci fi / Fantasy / Horror - Morgan Ermter, Alanna Schwartz,   Rachael Haugan, Ethan Harder and Danae Pritchard  - Abracadavers: Season 2


Best Cinematography in a Series - Abracadavers: Season 2


Best Special Effects in a Series - Mortal Glitch


Best Actor in Thriller/ Mystery/ Sci Fi/ Fantasy/ Horror - David Ogrodowski of Absolved


Best Actress in Thriller/ Mystery/ Sci Fi/ Fantasy/ Horror - Céline Beutels and Aloula Watel - Billie and Rose


Best Ensemble Cast in Thriller / Mystery - Sloppy Jones


Best Ensemble Cast in Sci fi / Fantasy / Horror - Abracadavers: Season 2




Music / Comedy / Teen / Dramedy / Drama

Baltimore’s Best Music Video - Higher
Best Music Video - Gaslighted
Best Song in a Series - "Me, Myself and Alone" - Skeleton Crew 
Best Soundtrack in a Series 

  • Reality Series - Tilt Pinball

  • Narrative - The Stu Sessions

Best Comedy - Turf Valley

Best Dark Comedy - Kinsley Vs.

Best Physical Comedy - Scratch This The Series

Best Mockumentary - The Stu Sessions

Best Musical Comedy - Lower East Asides


Best Comedy Director - Adam Rodgers - Turf Valley

Best Comedy Writer - Courtney Romano - Kinsley Vs.


Best Comedy - Foreign Language - The Cab’

Best Comedy Director - Foreign Language - Edouard Blondeau and Simon Thoral - The Cab’

Best Comedy Writer - Foreign Language - Mathilde Bourbin - Frapuccino Webserie Season 2


Best Action Series - Frapuccino Webserie Season 2


Best Comedy Actor -  Stu Stone - The Stu Sessions

Best Comedy Actress - Chelsea Bunn - Booked

Best Comedy Ensemble Cast -  Kinsley Vs. and Grey Nomads 2


Best Duo or Trio in Comedy - Takeo Ito, Eri Mori and Ryota Taniguchi - Like In Movies

Best Youth / Teen Comedy - Girl Dad

Best Youth / Teen Action Series - Detention Adventures

Best Youth / Teen Drama Series - Weirdos Web Series


Best Youth / Teen Comedy Actress - Kylie Ferland

Best Youth / Teen Dramatic Actress - Polina Gukhman and Elizaveta Ischenko - No, You’re Stupid

Best Youth / Teen Ensemble Cast - Detention Adventures

Best Director of Youth / Teen Series - Anna Zaytseva - No You’re Stupid! - 2

Best Writer of Youth / Teen Series - Joe Kicak, Jay Vaidya, Cassie Cao, Lisa Rose Snow, Carmen Albano -  Detention Adventure - S3


Best Dramedy - Avocado Toast - Season 2

Best Director of Dramedy - Sam Coyle - Avocado Toast - Season 2

Best Writer of Dramedy - Sandrine Viger Beaulieu and Charles-Alex Durand - Welcome to Soulshine


Best Drama - Sleep With Me

Best Director of Drama - Charles Grenier - Sleep With Me

Best Writer of Drama - Laurent Dryon, Anouchka Walewyk, Stefan Hougaerts - Billie and Rose

Best Actor in Drama / Dramedy - Ettore Ricoletti - Arthur

Best Actress in Drama - Sophie Cadieux - Sleep with Me

Best Actress in a Dramedy - Maria Albiñana - ReCANCELLED

Best Ensemble Cast in Drama / Dramedy - Avocado Toast - Season 2


Best Animation -  Happy Transmissions

Best Director of Animation - Dusty Saunders - Happy Transmissions

Best Writer of Animation - Ryan Cole - The Whippersnappers

Best Voice Acting in Animation - Ryan Cole - The Whippersnappers

Honorable Mention in Animation - Michael Pope - Paradise Lost

Reality / Documentary / Pilot /  Podcast 

Best Docu Series - Ordinary Life Chronicles

Best Edutainment Series - Legal Fox TV

Best Experimental Series - The Motherload - Webseries

Best Political News Show - Trump’s Children

Best Variety Series - Muak Eco Fight

Best Reality Series - Dating Unlocked


Best Director of Reality / Talk / Entertainment Series -  Amélie Hardy - Ordinary Life Chronicles

Best Writer of Reality / Talk / Entertainment Series - DANIEL MENDOZA - MATARIFE (The Butcher)

Best Host(s) - Yaz Harris - Dating Unlocked

International Hosts: Jokin Etcheverria, Ane Lindane -Muak Eco Fight  


Best Podcast - Muckey Landing

Best Director of Podcast - Chris Polo - Muckey Landing

Best Writing in a Podcast - Kelsey Marie Harper - What Can I Get Started For You

Best Cast Ensemble in a Podcast - Southbridge Podcast 

Best Narration in a Podcast - Delfi Collard - Anger


Best Pilot -  The Tall Bike Joust 

Best Pilot - Narrative - Sideliners

Best Director of a Pilot - Sam Frazier, Jr - The Tall Bike Joust

Best Writer of a Pilot - Edmund Fargher and Katy Schutte - Sideliners

Best Actor in a Pilot - Benjamin Myers - Zero Method

Best Actress in a Pilot - Katy Schutte - Sideliners

Best Ensemble cast of a Pilot - The Tall Bike Joust Cast


Best Short Film - English Language - Love

Best Short Film - Foreign Language - Quarantine

Best Director of a Short Film - Jane Ashmore - Love

Best Writer of a Short Film - Tim Bunn and Joseph Patrick - You From The Future

Best Actor in a Short Film -  Ramin Yahyazadeh - Gallu

Best Actress in a Short film - J.C. Hoffman - Violent True Believer

Best Ensemble cast in a Short Film -  You From The Future

Most Original Concept -  My Partner Giraffe

Scripts / Student Films / Crafts

Best Short Script - Dolores By Michael Seabolt

Best Pilot Script - DeZAYA by Steve Becker

Best Characters in a Script - Kill These Motherfucking Trolls! By Joseph Ross Angelella

Honorable Mention - Blue Genes by C.P. Englander 


Best Student Film - Gallu

Best Student Series - Daddy Issues

Best Student Director - Ortal Odelia Biener - Daddy Issues

Best Writers of a Student Project - Ortal Odelia Biener and Irad Barzilay - Daddy Issues


Best Actor in a Student Project - Irad Barzilay - Daddy Issues

Best Actress in a Student Project - Mariana Lewis - Doctor Faustus

Best Ensemble Cast in a Student Project - Thrilled to Announce Cast 


Best Editing -  Narrative - Frapuccino Webserie Season 2

Best Editing - Reality Series - MATARIFE (The Butcher)


Best Set Design in a Series - Night Witches

Best Set Design in a Short Film - Moira 


Best Cinematography in a Series - Abracadavers

Best Cinematography in a Short Film - Purple Case


Best Special Effects - Mortal Glitch

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