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BNMWF 2020: Meet Akilah Divine - Performing for us Opening Day!

AKILAH DIVINE will be performing for us on October 28th at 8pm at the very beginning of our Music Panel Discussion on Facebook Live!! We're so excited about it!! Akilah's music video TRIBE is one of our Nominated Music Videos!!

See it on October 28th!!


Akilah Divine is a singer, spoken word artist, rapper, actress, model, and college graduate working consistently to fulfill her purpose. She aims to be an experience that resonates with people and to give them something they can connect with and feel. 

Her hit single “TRIBE” was accepted as Official Selection in SEVEN film festivals: Columbus Black International Film Festival, Las Vegas Black Film Festival, Sabiff 2020- San Antonio Black International Film Festival, Rapport Festival:Black Film Festival, Los Angeles Black Film Festival, Baltimore Next Media Webfest, and Twin Cities Black Film Festival. “Tribe” also won best music video award from Sabiff 2020- San Antonio Black International Film Festival and Columbus Black International Film Festival. 

Akilah was also selected as the final winner on the leaderboard for “HOT97 Who’s Next”  heat of the week and qualified for a one on one listening session, video interview, and funds towards a marketing campaign. 

She has opened up for grammy-nominated singer Maimouna (Mumu Fresh) Youssef, performed at the largest all female digital festival known as “The Ladybug Festival,”and she stared in a touring stage play known as “Piece by Piece” shown at the Motor House Theatre in Baltimore, Good Acting Studio in Atlanta, and Pittsburgh Playwrights.

Akilah developed her love for music as early as the age of 5. Thinking back when she would literally use any object she can grab as a microphone, She would sing inside the house for hours at a time. Akilah noticed then that music was something she was extremely passionate about. She used her thoughts and feelings to help her deliver messages to people of all walks of life. Her ultimate goal is to use her music platform to lead, teach, & inspire both women and men across the world. 

While handling a hectic school and work schedule, Akilah was able to accomplish something many people in her city aren’t able to do. She graduated from Delaware

State University with over a 3.0 GPA. As Akilah establishes herself in the music industry, she also works as the School, Community, and Home Engagement Manager at the Greenmount West Community Center. 

It’s safe to say that Akilah is someone that is ideal for movies, concerts, civil movements, youth development and more.

Akilah Divine 

Youtube/Twitter/Facebook: Akilah Divine

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