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Meet the girls of Wicked Image

Wicked Image is a short film by Writer, Director and Producer - Caitlin Scherer. It stars Actress / Producer Jessica Scherr as "Satine", Actress Leigh Corbett as "Lucy", and Actress Heather Brittain O'Scanlon as "Deville". Actress Hope Blackstock plays "Vespa Sharke" and Actor Gabriel Rysdahl plays "Cater Waiter".

The Logline:

Lucifer, Satan and the Devil meet with a corporate PR agent to rehabilitate their images — which includes reminding the world that they’re women. However, they quickly discover that the PR agent is more evil than they are.


Three devils walk into a PR firm…

Our story begins with "The Unholy Trinity" meeting at a corporate PR agency. They're sick of the world thinking that they're the same person and that they're men. Not to mention all of their personal problems...

SATINE a.k.a. Satan struggles to be recognized as a strong woman in a patriarchal, God-forsaken world. DEVILLE a.k.a. The Devil desperately wants to regain control over the seven deadly sins, but people these days only see her as a sexy Halloween costume. Meanwhile, fallen Angel LUCY a.k.a. Lucifer suffers from an empathy complex and feels like a fraud in the evil world. She can’t even tempt a human to litter without triggering an anxiety attack.

Enter corporate PR consultant, VESPA SHARKE. For her, image is religion and she will sacrifice misinformation, outright lies, and maybe even a terrified Cater Waiter at its altar. It seems like a match made in Hell for our devils… until Vespa suggests she has the power to bring them down as well.

For More Details on the Short Film - Click On This:

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