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Meet DC Web Fest's Otessa and Diana!!

The DC Web Fest is going into it's 8th year!! We are honored to have DC Web Fest Creator Otessa Ghadar and her wonderful co-producer Diana Eaton as VIP Guests this year! They will be participating in the State of International Web Series and Web Festivals panel on Saturday afternoon, November 2nd, 2019. Here are their bios:

Otessa Bio:

Otessa Marie Ghadar is a digital storyteller who uses writing, filmmaking, photography, and technology to share her narratives and build communities. As one of the web series medium’s earliest adopters, Otessa is a true forerunner of digital media. Starting in 2006, Otessa’s web series "Orange Juice in Bishop’s Garden" is now the longest continually running show online, with an international audience in over 145 countries. Otessa founded the DC Web Fest (one of the first of its kind & now in its 8th year) out of the need for digital content creators to showcase their works, inspiring creativity and innovation. As an Adjunct Professor at A.U., and through additional guest lecturing, Otessa uses her passions to guide the next generation of digital storytellers. Stemming from her knowledge and expertise, she published the world’s first new media textbook called "The Wild West of Film." In addition to speaking, she also enjoys exhibiting her work, having shown work as part of FotoWeek DC, Transformer Gallery, The National Museum for Women in the Arts, amongst others. As a Google Next Generation Policy leader, Otessa works diligently to increase technology awareness and innovation among minority and marginalized communities. She resides in Washington DC, and is currently working on two trans-media projects — A new podcast, "Conversations with Hysterical Womxn" & the Young Adult Science Fiction series, "Lemma." She Completed her Graduate Film Studies at Columbia University's film school in NYC.

Here's a video featuring the DC Web Fest!!

Diana Eaton Bio:

Diana is a third-year MFA candidate in the Film & Electronic Media program at American University. Diana aspires to thrive as an independent filmmaker, using her creativity, deep thoughts, personal experiences, and encounters to create powerful stories that audiences can relate to and benefit from. She also seeks to produce documentaries that will amplify the stories and experiences of the unheard, overlooked, and ignored. She is currently completing her graduate thesis documentary that explores the journey of a Baltimore Pastor who is impacting many Baltimore Communities by spreading the Gospel and love of Christ through outreach activities. Aside filmmaking, Diana is also passionate about poetry, music, and photography.

Please Follow and Submit to the DC Web Fest!! Check them out at

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